Lucia Grauman, LCSW



Here’s what some of my former clients had to say about their therapy experience with me:

“I cannot explain what a terrific help you have been…San Francisco is lucky to have such a wonderful and compassionate person.”
(Male, 29, individual)

“You are a bright, compassionate, kind person and an excellent therapist. You have taught me important lessons and helped me with insights that are important as I move forward.”
(Female, 55, individual & group)

“You are so gifted, so generous and so talented in what you do. You are a gift giver, for those lucky enough to find you.”
(Male, 40, individual & couples)

“You really are one of a kind and will bring a new group of people hope and happiness that they never knew was obtainable in their lives. I have you to thank for that in mine!”
(Female, 35, individual & couples)

“For the first time in my life I feel confident, in control, in charge. I just wanted to share that with you because you were a large part of my journey and you planted the seeds that are now growing.” (Female, 34, individual & group)

“I’m so glad I found you.  You have this way of keeping me on a steady path, but so gently– both encouraging me and challenging me just the right amount.  I have more hope than ever and feel so much more in control.” (Female, 43, individual)